Focus-Gesundheit Radiology Berlin-Mitte

Prof. Dr. med. Jürgen Mäurer, physician for radiology, is one of the recommended doctors in the Berlin region. This was determined by Focus-Gesundheit Magazine in cooperation with the Hamburg Health Foundation for the large study “Germany’s recommended doctors from the region”. Prof. Dr. med. Jürgen Mäurer is recommended by Focus-Gesundheit Magazine for his services in the field of radiology.
For the study the information from 240,000 physicians throughout Germany was used. The basis of the data is the medical information of the Health Foundation. Among other things the specialist doctor status, additional qualifications, the years of establishment, expert and lecture activities, the membership in professional societies, the patient satisfaction, barrier-free accessibility of the medical office, the quality management and colleague recommendations were considered. There were recommended those physicians, who have the most positively valuation.

The editor-in-chief of Focus-Gesundheit Magazine, Jochen Niehaus: “The Focus doctor search brings patients to the right doctor. Our recommendation is based on objective criteria and the vote of experts – it provides patients with valuable assistance in choosing a specialist near their place of residence.”

The recommended physicians can be found online via the Focus Medical Search ( Patients can search for doctors throughout Germany and, for example, filter for recommended doctors in their vicinity.